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Vangelos Moustakas

Universal Lafcadios
stainless metal

Was born in Piraeus. He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts . He taught drawing at the Athina High School. He is married to poet Zoe Savina. He was able to finish his training in art by spending three years with a state scholarship at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence. He studied engraving and decoration. He also studied the art of bronze casting at the art foundries of Commentator Bruno Bearzi. He exhibited in Florence with De Chirico, Rosai, Sofici, Sassu, Tossi and Gutuso. At the same period, he worked with the architect Walter Gropius. As visiting professor, he has given lectures and seminars at US universities. He has taken part in visual arts conferences and symposia in Greece and abroad. He is a member of the Society of Judges. Founder member of the Association of Sculptors. Founder member of the Co-ordinating Center for Hellenism. He has been awarded many prizes, with special distinction, including the Gold Medal, First Prize, at the Alexandria Biennale, Egypt.
Awards competitions sculpture: Eighteen prizes that were erected in public places.
Works by Moustakas are to be found in: Museums, private collections and public squares, in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Spain, Britain, France, Poland, Israel, Norway, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, USA.
Principle Works in Public Places: Twenty-five sculptural compositions are staged in Greece, one of the most prominent monument, that of “Alexander the Great” in Thessalonica-Macedonia-Northern Greece.
Exhibitions: Many solo exhibitions, Biennale and numerous Group Exhibition. Among other things has been set up in Japan in Nishiki Cho (near to Kobe)
Statue – monument, in marble of Asklepios (Asclepius was the god of medicine who worshiped throughout the Greek world in ancient times). This was during the “Fraternization” of Epidaurus and of Nishiki Cho.
Has dealt with painted poetry books.
At his home-studio: host public primary and secondary schools, schools of higher education, societies, people of arts and letters and of the sciences from all over the world, developing discussions on art and culture. He have travelled to the U.S., Europe, Cyprus, Japan, Turkey and Israel. At the end of 2010 is ready and set up a large sculptural composition on the Metro, on one of the largest squares in Athens, on Station Peristeri-Athens.