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Constantin Xenakis

Greece, France
Hand-made paper ink

Born in Cairo, Egypt on December 28, 1931. He has been living in Paris since 1955. In 1996 he began working and living both in Paris and Athens.
1970 Grant from the Berlin Artistic Program, D.A.A.D.
1980 Research Grant of the Ministry of Culture of France
Social activities:
1968-1983 Member of the Governing Committee of the Salon de Mai, Paris.
1969–1990 Member of the Founding and Critical Committee for the Painting Prize, “Vitry-sur-Seine,” France.
1986: Knight of the Arts and Literature, awarded by the French Republic
1991: Opening of the “Constantin Xenakis” hall at the Community Center of Fameck, France
1996: The Delmas Price of the French Institute, awarded at the recommendation of the French Academy of Fine Arts
1998: “Award of Appreciation” at the 24th Olympiad, by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea