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Dionisis Zois Zaverdinos

acrylic on paper

Dionysios Zois Zaverdinos was born on 10 December 1947 at Spanochori of Lefkada Island , Greece. He studied painting at Montreal Fine Art School of Canada (1969-1970). He furthered his studies at the Art Students League in New York (1978-1979) painting with Theodore Stamos. In 1986 he illustreated Silent Dialogue, a collection of poems by Argyris Sfoudouris published in Zurich.

Dionysios Zois Zaverdinos presented the following personal exhibitions:
Cultural Center, Lefkada (1979);
Cultural Center, Patras (1980);
Galerie Sigristenkeller, Bülach, Switzerland (1981);
Egonopoulos Gallery, Athens (1983);
Galerie Nicola Von Senger & Stratos Hatzipanagiotidis, Zurich (1991);
Cultural Center, Zurich (1995);
Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1998);
Like the Child Playing, Cultural Center, Lefkada (2001);
Cultural Center, Sfakiotes, Lefkada (2003);
Galerie Kapfsteig, Zurich (2005);
Homage to Maria Callas, Theater Rigiblick, Zurich (2008).

He also presented the following personal exhibitions:
Piraeus Port Authority – OLP, Piraeus (1976);
Ericson Gallery, New York (1979);
Art Students League, New York (1979);
CIGNA Foundation and Museum, Philadelphia (1982);
Kouros Gallery, New York (1983);
Stadthaus, Bern (1984);
Stadthaus, Zurich (1984);
Chämigalerie Riesbach, Zurich (1984);
Galerie Eterna Interim, Zurich (1986, 1987);
Six Artists from Zurich , Cultural Center, Lefkada (1989);
Galerie Alexander Hodel, Zurich (1989, 1991);
Mandat, Galerie Ziegler, Zurich (1991);
Zürcher Kunstzene, Helmhaus, Zurich (1991);
Paneptanissiaki Exhibition, Lefkada (1994, 1995, 2009);
Hiro Gallery, Tokyo (1995);
Galerie Stubnitz Kontor, Zurich (1997);
Zürcher Kunstzene, Toni Milcherei, Zurich (2003);
Triklino Vineyard, Corfu (2008).

Dionysios Zois Zaverdinos is currently active in Lefkada and Zurich.