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Kisai Arakawa

Buddha Statue ordered by Hearn (uncompleted)
cherry wood

Kisai Arakawa (1827-1906) was born in Yokobama cho, Matsue, the son of a carpenter. His real name was Akio, and he was known as Shigenosuke. He created a great number of woodcarvings using various artistic techniques including delicate inlay work. He submitted his works to major exhibitions both domestic and international, and received a number of awards. Famous works retained in this area are “Statue of Kushinadahime” which received an honor prize at the Chicago World’s Fair and is dedicated to Izumo Taisha Shrine and “Seikanzu” (bronze prize at the Paris Exposition) dedicated to Hirahama Hachimangu, Takeuchi Shrine in Yawata cho, Matsue. At one point, Kisai slightly recarved just the face of a stone Ksitigarbha that used to stand at Ryusho-ji Temple at Teramachi, Matsue. In 1890, Yakumo Koizumi, who very much liked the face of the stone statue Jizo, asked Kisai to create this statue of Buddha, in cherry wood.It is said that the reason why this statue is unfinished is because Kisai kindly agreed to Yakumo’s request to change the type of wood and hurriedly recreated the same statue in black persimmon. It is a precious statue representing the close relationship between Yakumo and Kisai, who were both great artists. It was introduced on a national Television program in April this year.