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Megakles Rogakos

Shihouette: Lafcadio Hearn 2009
lambda print onpaper mounted on aluminum

Megakles Rogakos is an art historian and curator, working since 2004 for The American College of Greece.
He graduated from the City University (1998) and Goldsmiths College (1999) of London. From 2000 to 2004 he worked at the Information Department of Tate Gallery, London, offering special tours and giving talks on art.
He carried out a 3-year research for Edward Lucie-Smith’s book Art Tomorrow (2003).
Hitherto he curated the following art exhibitions: Chaos: Contemporary Cosmologies, Bishopsgate Goodsyard, London (2002); Narcissism: Self-Love to Death, Gozo Contemporary, Malta (2003); Scenes in Perspective, ArTower Agora, Athens (2003); The Rape of Europe, Luke & A Gallery, London (2003); A Drop of Dust, a Grain of Water, Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin (2004); Brent McTavish: roMANse, Adonis Art, London (2004); John Stathatos: Lumen, Athens Art Gallery, Athens (2004); Mina Luxa, Sculpture Grande, Prague (2004); Barbara Nahmad: Yesterday Now, Image Contemporary Art, Arezzo / Fondazione Bandera, Milan (2004);ACG Art Highlights I., ACG Art Center, Athens (2005); Pelagia Kyriazi: Psychographs, ACG Art Center, Athens (2005);John Stathatos: The Book of Lost Cities, ACG Art Center, Athens (2006); Yannis Ziogas: Polyptych, Deree College Library, Athens (2006); Susanna Coffey & Suzanne Walters: Relative Diversions, P37 Art Gallery, Piraeus (2006); Reincarnated Painting: Sculpture by Ghika, ACG Art Center, Athens (2006); Changing Faces: Work, Attica Tradition Educational Foundation, Athens (2006); Electra’s Adagio, ACG Art Center, Athens (2006);ACG Art Highlights II., ACG Art Center, Athens (2007); In-Situations: Artworks in Time and Space by Contemporary Greek Artists, Municipal Gallery, Kalamata (2007); Ninetta Logotheti: Multiple Realities, Freedom Park Art Center, Athens (2007); Giannis Stratis: Welcome to My World, Alex Marathianakis Down Town Art Gallery, Athens (2007); Andreas Golfinopoulos: The Artist’s ‘Lykoporia’, Municipal Gallery, Corinth (2008); Katerina Aslanidou: Fragments of Nature, Monohoro Art Gallery, Athens (2008); Vassiliki Koskiniotou: Origins and Ladders, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (2008); Sylvia Sarropoulou: Flower Portraits, Ersi’s Gallery, Athens (2008); Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, ACG Art Gallery, Athens (2008); Ellie Griva: Yes. The Bound Home, Astrolavos Art Gallery, Athens (2009); Paul Serrada: Et in Arcadia Ego, Galerija Fotografija, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2009); The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn, ACG Art Gallery, Athens (2009) / Cultural Center, Lefkas (2010).