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Zoe Savina

To The Plum Trees – The Other Odysseus Dedicated to Lafcadio Hearn
gloss paper, butterfly handicraft, photos

Zoe Savina was born in Athens, studied at the Professional School of Athens (as a tutor in Professional Schools), and later studied Design and Decorative Arts at the Scuola Delle Belli Arti -Firenze (Italy), Exhibited collage in Firenze and in Pistoia (Italy).

She is married to sculpture Evangelos Moustakas.

She has published 19 poetry collections, of her 7 smaller poetic compositions. Her haiku-tanka collection Enchantress was awarded the Poetry Prize of 1985 by the Society of Greek Writers. Its third edition was translated to 6 languages.
In 2002 she published an international haiku anthology, The Leaves are Back on the Tree, featuring 186 poets from 50 countries. Her last haiku book “The House” 2008 was published in 2009 in Colombia (in Spanish).

She is a member of the National Association of Greek Writers, founding member of the Coordinating Center of Hellenism, member of the World Haiku Association-Fujimi Saitama – Japan and an Honorary Member of the Yugoslav Haiku Association. Her poems have been awarded, prizes and have appeared in poetry journals, anthologies, newspapers, magazines, Who’s Who, radio, and television, in 19 countries.
She write poetry, haiku, tanka, minicuentos, bonsai, essays, fairy tales, and critical presentations. She correspond with poets from many countries, university professors and philhellenes. Work in cooperation with literature periodicals, presenting poets from all over the world.

The transference of their ideas and of the modern state of being throughout the world between their countries and Greece is of interest to she. Would call this exchange – cultural internationalization.
She have taken part in and have given talks at Conferences and Symposiums in Greece and abroad. She presented 34 poets in Italy Nuovi Poeti Greeci (1982) for the Grafic Olimbia di Milano. They receive students, societies, artists and writers in their home-studio. Zoe Savina has traveled to the U.S., Europe, Cyprus, Japan, Turkey and Israel .

Her Greek publications include: “Nuances” 1979, “Without Archangels” 1980, “Townships” 1981, “Acrobats”1983, “Enchantresses” haiku-tanka- (bilingual) awarded 1985, “Contact Lenses” – 1988, “20+ 20” (bilingual) 1989, “Enchantresses” 2nd Edition in six languages, 1994, “The Archon in the Crypt” (bilingual) awarded, 1994, “International Anthology of Haiku” – The leaves back on the trees – 2002 (50 countries – 186 poets in parallel translation), “I Touch” 2004, “The House” (bilingual) 2008, “The House -La Casa, 2009” in Spanish. Small Poetic Compositions: “Do You Know What I Will Give You?” 1992, “The Limit” 1993, “Mirror – Ripe Like Fruit” 1994, “The Chickpea” 1994, “The Vehicle – I Want” 1995, “The Vehicle for Courting” 1995, “The Vehicle of Delight” 1995. All her books are decorated with drawings by the sculptor Vangelis Moustakas and painter Alexander.