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Jessica Speckhard

Left Behind II
photoprint on plexiglass with pluminum built in frame behind

Jessica Speckhard Savc was born in the United States. She has lived in Belarus, Belgium, France, and is now living in Greece. She has attended numerous art institutions, including Parsons Paris and Parsons New York. Her international experience has influenced her unique perspective on women. Her recent works explore women and their female specific experiences. She is incredibly interested in the inward journey that each woman takes to find herself. She is also interested in exploring the relationship between each woman and her own body. Her recent pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Katarina have been tantamount as a source for inspiration. She has participated in numerous group shows and has had two solo shows in Athens. Many of her works are sold to private collectors in Greece and abroad. She works in a variety of fields, most often manipulating digital photographs and videos. She also stages perfomances pieces with herself as the perfomer. Most notable was her recent performance piece at Art Athina where she climbed inside sculptures created from the trash and progressively entered smaller and smaller spaces.